Sunday, June 10, 2007

Willpower has gone missing

Kim had sock yarn on sale this week. I fell HARD. But it gave me the chance to finally use up the gift certificate I got at Christmas that I always forget about. After this and the Knitters Connection market, I've used up all of the birthday moola and house-sitting bonus. So, I'm done (for a little while)!

I love working with this bamboo yarn already! It is so soft. I've started a pair of socks with the blue and white color. It will probably be a simple ribbed pattern unless I can think of something more exciting.

The orange and blue sock yarn is for more baby stuff. I really like that my cousins and I all went to schools with the same colors. Gettysburg, UVA, Syracuse, and Auburn all have orange and blue (or navy) for their colors so it makes it very easy to make baby gifts. It is almost like I have a production line.

And now for the stuff from the Knitters Connection. (Seriously, I shouldn't be allowed to carry cash or credit cards!)

Yup, I should be saving for England. I really should. But the sock yarn is so pretty . . . .

I've decided I am a gibbering idiot when I get nervous. Big surprise, right? Can't carry on a coherent conversation at all.

I went to a birthday party with E last night for one of his friends who I had met back in February. Let me tell you, his friends can COOK. For a starter, we had barbecued chicken legs (which were fabulous) with an Asian twist and a salad. (Mike's girlfriend is from Taiwan and one of their close friends is a cook from China so they always put really good spices in any of their dishes.) Then we had shrimp in a marinade with lavender. You wouldn't think it would work but the result was wonderful and definitely different. Then we got down to the serious eating: steak, pork chops, grilled vegetables and potatoes (though I didn't have those because they were wrapped in bacon). After a little while, we had the birthday cake and tiarimasu. The aftermath of all of this made me think of Thanksgiving, everyone stretched out on flat surfaces. I forgot to mention that all of this eating was stretched out over a 4 hour period but still!

Mike's girlfriend is a realtor and recently helped a family find the perfect house so they gave her some very expensive bottles of wine. Definitely the most expensive glasses of wine I've ever had! The bottle of Riesling was $43 and the Shiraz was $50. Whew. My palate is obviously not developed enough to tell the difference between the expensive and the cheap.

It was a really great evening. The food, drink and conversation were were out of the ordinary and fun.

This evening the family is going to a cookout for one of my high school classmates (mom is friends with her mom) who is going to be working for a cruise line in Hawaii. I'm not expecting the food to be up to the same level as last night ;)

Oh, here is a picture of the bamboo socks I started yesterday. It seems like the "last one in, first one out" principle is working in my stash.

I finished the red scarf Friday and took a picture of it yesterday. Really, I was mainly taking a picture of the shirt ;)


Anonymous said...

From where I'm sitting, that Is willpower. I'm going to have to forgo new shoes because I spent that on yarn this week!
However, my kids already have new shoes, so it's not too bad, right? I wanted to stop into the NY to show off my dye class stuff after class today, but was so tired I just wanted to go home. I guess that was a little willpower there. Because next time I go in there I have my punchcard filled so that's an extra percentage off, so I have to make it count for something, right????

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say your scarf turned out very nice--and the t-shirt is cute too!