Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spinning wheels

OK, I totally didn't think of the spinning wheels as in "making yarn with a spinning wheel" when I wrote this post title. I was thinking of spinning your wheels or not getting anywhere but it obviously means that spinning wheels are on my mind.

Anyway, back to my point! Spinning my wheels because I am doing stuff but nothing is getting done. I try to get one thing crossed off my to-do list and something blocks me from getting it done! Tried to call the deferred compensation department and they closed early today for training. Tried to book travel arrangements for the mini-break that will happen while I am in England (I want to take a bus tour of Southern Ireland) but the site was down for maintenance. Tried to get more contacts before I leave but left it till too late so I can't get them in time. Grrrrrr! Really, all of these things are being caused by my laziness and not getting things done when I should have done them. Oh, and my car is back in the shop because the engine is not happy when I drive over 5 miles. One of these days it is just going to stop and not move any more.

At least, not everything is bad. I had a nice ride this morning before it got too hot and modified the jump gymnastic a little bit. Greta and I are planning to haul over to Lobdell Reserve tomorrow morning and ride the trails there. I need to make sure the brake lights are working this time around.

I had yesterday off of my normal work and "worked" at The Needling Yarn and will do the same thing tomorrow. There was a spinning class there yesterday evening so I eavesdropped and sat back there to watch once the shop was closed. Miravi! I am definitely learning how to do that.

I also got a whole bunch of yarn wound into cakes. That huge stack of yarn is the yard sale Cherry Tree Hill I found a while ago. The yarn on the swift is some CiderMoon Buckeye Blast. I also caked their Seagrass that I got two weeks ago at the Knitters' Connection. Also divided the red Meilenweit Stretch into equal balls and wound those. I also wound the remaining cotton yarn from the Ballet Camisole into much neater cakes. (Basically, I was having way too much with the swift and ball winder.)

And it finally rained yesterday. I got stuck under one of the overhangs downtown and snapped a few pictures while I was waiting.

I finished the footlets yesterday and even did a decent job Kitchnering the toes. As happy as I am about that, I'm going to have to rip the toe out of the second one because it is too small. I guess I got bored and was no longer able to measure correctly because it is uncomfortably short. I'm thinking about just putting them away for a while and maybe the house elves will fix them. Yeah, right.

I mentioned the Ballet Camisole yarn a little earlier. Some of you may remember this top and remember how I suddenly stopped mentioning it. Nothing went wrong with it. No, it is all finished except for the finishing like weaving in ends and single crocheting all around the arm and neck holes. Well, I finally wove in the ends and am in the process of crocheting the edges. I only have one arm hole left to do. It will be nice to get it out of the WIP pile.

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Spastic Shepherd said...

I like the yarn cake tower. It reminds me of a wedding cake!
I haven't been to Lobdell Reserve in years. We had friends who used to live next door to it. I'd love to check it out sometime!
The teeny skein is an "emergency" skein of the sock club yarn. It's on a keychain--so cute. I have no idea what to do with it though!