Saturday, June 02, 2007

Exclamation Point!

**Note: My camera's batteries died so I will post pictures a little later.**

I'm going to TNNA on Monday! This is a needle arts trade fair that is only open to shop owners, not the general public. Kim was so nice and got everyone who works at her store tickets. Definitely never expected that! Gretchen (another woman who works there) is going on Monday so we decided to go over to Columbus together. I would definitely go by myself if I had to but it is nicer to be going with someone else.

I would normally be working on Monday but that is my birthday and my work gives everyone their birthday off. Sometimes that can be a little inconvient if it is in the middle of the week but it works out this year.

OTN: Weeeeeeell, it seems like I have everything and anything on the needles right now. I keep picking up and putting down projects. Still working on the Peacock Feathers Shawl, the lighter colored Kool-aid socks, the Pomatomus socks, and just started a pair of Koigu socks which will have the same lace design as the Daffodil socks.

This last project is the one I am really and truely working on (for this moment at least) because everything else is in time-out. I ran across some difficulties on the Peacock which would either require me to tink it or rip out 3 rows to the lifeline. Don't really want to do either. The Kool-aid socks are in time-out because they are on US 0s. 'Nuf said! Also, I fixed a major error on my part. I was ribbing the soles of the socks as well as the instep. Why didn't I notice this before I knit 15 rows?! On Monday, I did major repair work by putting the correct stitches on seperate needles and dropping the incorrect stitches down until the row where they were correct. Then I took a very small crochet hook and picked them up the correct way. I should have taken pictures of it. You can probably understand why I am taking a break from them. The Pomatomus socks are just being fiddly so I'm waiting a while until I am patient enough to work on them again.

The Koigu ones are a good break. They are simple in the foot and a little challenging on the leg. I cast on for the toes on Thursday and knit up the feet and heels yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, I was able to get a lot done on the leg, 3 repeats of the lace pattern.

Greta and I went out for a really long trail ride Friday. Somehow they become much longer than I expect. We met another rider who invited us to ride on her and her neighbour's property whenever we wanted. (We, of course, said that they could do the same thing on our's.) They have some tiny cross-country jumps set up and a small creek crossing on one of their trails. Java and Capone were idiots about a tiny little jump. Why do they always do that in front of strangers?!

Yesterday, I went on a much shorter ride. We did some flat work (not enough) then jumped some stadium jumps, and then went out on a short trail ride. It had just stormed before I went out so everything was nice and cool. I meant to go out early this morning to ride but couldn't drag my lazy butt out of bed! :)

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