Monday, June 11, 2007


So the cookout we went to last night turned out not to be a going-away party for Lisa. (She left early this morning to go work on a cruise ship in Hawaii for the next couple of months.) Instead it was a surprise belated birthday party for me! Seriously could have killed Mom for burning a CD of embarrassing pictures (i.e. pictures from baby till now) and playing them throughout the party. I knew something was up when I saw a friend's car who I know isn't friends with Lisa.

It was really nice to catch up with everyone. The girls from high school and I played "What are they doing now?" with the HS yearbook. Between the five of us, I think we knew at least something about all but three people in the class of 118. The most interesting thing someone was doing was herding goats in Greece. Jessie was never the outdoor sort so you kind of wonder how she became a goat herder. One of the crazy/zany guys is a preschool teacher which boggled everybody's mind.

Afterwards, we went to Brews to catch up with someone who couldn't make it to the cookout. We used to be such close friends in middle/early high school but then grew apart. Now it feels like we have absolutely nothing in common. She didn't graduate high school with us but did go back to finish her GED a couple of years ago, didn't go to college, has a young daughter so doesn't travel like me, does not have a good family life, and is engaged to be married. So it felt awkward telling her about things that I am doing. Oh, well. Everyone grows up and goes on.

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Spastic Shepherd said...

It's sometimes strange to run into high school friends isn't it? My kids are almost 3 and 5, and a couple of my HS friends have high-schoolers!
Have you seen the Sock Bug patterns? They're so cute (and free)! I'm thinking of trying one of those for my next socks-after Andrew's giant socks are finished. In a couple years.