Monday, June 04, 2007


WOW. That is pretty much all that I can say. It was my first TNNA experience and it was definitely a learning experience. Oh, and the yarn and notions and bags and . . . :) Amazing.

I had no idea that this thing even existed before last year but apparently it has been happening in Columbus for a really long time. It is open only to people in the trade (i. e. yarn store owners and their guests). Because I've been working/hanging around the shop a lot recently, Kim gave me a ticket to go. No cameras were allowed on the show floor so no pictures :(

I went over to Columbus with Kim and got to follow her around, watching and seeing how she did things. I found it really interesting to see the type of things she decided to order for the store and how she made those decisions. Kim said she never makes purchases on the first day. That day is the day for looking around at everything and picking up all of the information. Later, she can make a more well-rounded purchase instead of getting carried away. It was FASCINATING.

There seemed to be a real focus on natural or green yarns (green as in environmentally friendly not the color) and dyes. Or maybe those were just the kinds that caught my attention. There were also a lot of yarns made out of different materials like soy, corn, paper, buffalo, qiviut, etc. (Sidenote: A skein of buffalo sock yarn was $90 PER SKEIN. Yes, that is right. Per skein.) I so can't wait until she gets the TOFUtsies in! I already have a list of the colors that I am going to buy.

I saw CookieA of Knitters Anonymous and Amy, the editor of Knitty and author. I feel like such a groupie :) Kim is considering carrying Cookie's patterns because they are so amazing and challenging.

Now, I have so many more projects and yarns to add to my "to do" list :) There was a gorgeous jacket/hat/purse that I really want to make.

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