Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another FO and some p0rn

I finished another pair of socks last night. These are Koigu that I got in NYC back in Nov so it was finally time to use them up. I used the Dayflower lace chart for this pair, too. I think the yellow yarn of the Daffodil socks showed the pattern off better but didn't care to much since I was just trying get some yarn out of the stash (so I could fill it back up).

Speaking of yarn . . .

I picked this Schaefer Anne up from the Needling Yarn the other day in exchange for working there one Sunday. I've been stalking this yarn since it first came into the shop. I mean, it was literally calling my name! And the colors are my favourite color spectrum. . . This skein is probably going to turn into one of those that just hang out in the stash because it is too pretty for me to think about making it into anything. (Non knitters might find this a little weird but, ask any knitter, it happens all of the time.)

OTN: Lots of stuff that I am not actually working on right now. I've started a simple Project Spectrum themed knit and it is not (yes, I said not) a pair of socks. **Gasp** It is a red scarf made of yarn that I got in Austria. I bought the skeins for the sole purpose of the Project Spectrum red, black and metallic month and am going to let nothing come between me and finishing it! Until I get distracted by the next fun project. . . . It is a really simple pattern (CO a multiple of 3 sts, *K1, yo, k2tog, repeat from * on every row until you think the thing is long enough or you feel like screaming if you do another row) so it shouldn't take any time to finish. Look at me, getting a jump on Christmas presents! There is probably going to be enough lefter over for a matching hat.

I'll take a picture of the scarf after tonight. I'm going to the first Weathervane play of the season and am definitely taking the knitting!


Anonymous said...

Um, you took my yarn! That was one I have been coveting at the Needling Yarn! Are you in the Newark area too?

Anonymous said...

Oh! Were you there with Gretchen? I think I bought some bamboo sock yarn. And I think I was looking embarassingly gross. I had been working in the garden since about 7 am and had to take the boys to get haircuts! I did take time today to color my hair and blow it dry, so I'm hoping I've got less of a scruffy look going on today. Ugh. I'm jealous you got into TNNA. I'd love to work for Kim, but raising two boys is a full time job! Can't wait to see the new stuff! I'm going to bring her a few things to look at I got at KC yesterday.