Sunday, July 01, 2007

Getting ready

I can't wait till my yarn arrives for the Mystery Stole 3. The first clue came out on Friday and the charts look like a lot of fun. A ton of the other people have already finished their charts and looking at their pictures makes me really want to cast on.

I went to a bead shop in Columbus the other day. It was something else. A whole lot of incense and lots of crazy stuff as well as tons of beads. I fell in love with these three colors. The one on the left is more purple than blue, the one in the center is a lovely green, and the one on the right is a clear pewter-lined bead. I can't wait to see what they look like with the yarn!

Speaking of my yarn, Kim has been moving heaven and earth to try to get it to me. It is a hank of pewter Cherry Tree Hill lace-weight. The dyer said it really turned out well. It is somewhere between here and VT. I'm hoping it will be here by Monday. Ah! The suspense!

I've been running around like a chicken without its head recently. I can't believe I am leaving on Wednesday! The time has gone by really fast. I'm almost finished packing, though. I picked up some really nice Eagle Creek "cubes" and clothes folder on sale the other day at the Container Store. They've turned out to be a great asset. They organize my clothes really well. The Sainbury's bag is where I have been throwing the miscellaneous stuff that I need to take.

I'm off tonight to meet up with some friends from high school who are in town for the 4th. We've re-organized the meet-up 3 times now. It should be nice to see people. Some I haven't seen since last June and others since Christmas. It should be fun to exchange stories. I'm just glad we're able to do it before I leave.

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