Friday, July 20, 2007

Bath on Wednesday

My friends and I went to Bath on Wednesday, July 18th. Because there were 7 of us, we were able to get a discount on the train tickets. Instead of £47 per person, we were able to get them for £26. Yea for saving money!

When we first got to Bath, we went to the Roman Baths Museum. Have I told you how much I love Roman Britain stuff?

I posted this group shot the other day. Left to right: Megan (Carrie's friend from home), Stephanie, me, Angie, Erika, Meagan, and Carrie in the back.

After the Baths, I split off from the group to look in some shops. They were looking for lunch and I had packed mine and ate it on the train there. Then we met up again at the Jane Austen Centre. Some of them are writing their papers on Jane Austen so going there was really helpful to them. There was an exhibition going on about the costumes used in a new television production of Persuasion. It kind of made me want to see the show after seeing all of the costumes and listen to what the designer wanted to convey with the.

Then we walked up towards the Circus and the Royal Crescent. The Circus is a large roundabout with a group of trees in the middle and the buildings forming a circle around it.

The Royal Crescent is a semi-circle of buildings which look out on a green which was filled with people on such a nice day. I could give you more facts about it but I'll let you do research for yourself :)

I again split off from the group to spend a little more time on the green, knitting and reading. I also wanted to go to some different places than everyone else. I wandered by the street where Jeannette lived while she studied here, went to the Biotanical Gardens, down to the River Avon to walk along it for a while, and to the Abbey.

Basically, I loved being in Bath because I remembered visiting Jeannette there with Kelly and then with Emily during my first study abroad. It was really nice going somewhere and remembering many of the streets and sights. I also love the appearance of all of the sandstone buildings and the architecture of the city.

I grabbed the 6.30 train back to London Paddington and was back at Stamford Street by 9.

**Update: Wow, I can't believe I forgot to write about going to the Bath Library while I was wandering around! It was a really nice branch. They are located in a shopping centre on the 1st (our second) floor. Each of the different sections (i.e. large print, fiction, non fiction, children's, etc) were identified by colour. For instance, the non fiction was blue and the large print was orange. Above each of the sections was a large sign pointing out the section in the same colour. The large print sign said "Large Print. A great selection of books to save tired eyes. Thought about trying a talking book?" It was like readers' advisory on signage. It was great. All of the shelving was on rolling shelves which made it very easy for them to rearrange everything to give it a new look or if they were having a special event that needed lots of space. Also, they needed to be able to move the shelves quickly in one section because the bathrooms in the hotel above them keep leaking and causing lots of water damage. Their catalogue was really cool, too. You could add reviews and comments on the books. Ah, Web 2.0.

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