Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mini break plans

Just in case you are interested in my plans for the mini break.

I have a rough idea of the places I want to go. Because we have the room in Edinburgh another night, I'm staying here tonight and getting the free breakfast in the morning (a lovely full Scottish breakfast and other cafeteria style food that sticks with you the entire day). Then, I am going to be going down to the Lake District, probably staying in Windermere or Ambleside (a town near Windermere). I am going to go to Dove Cottage (Wordsworth) and spend sometime next to the lake recovering from my cold. I would have liked to walk the hills a little but the last couple of days in Edinburgh have completely killed my calves and the muscles in my left leg have kind of seized up. I'm sure that will go away soon. Anyway, I am going to spend the one night there. The next morning I'm going to take the train to Lancaser and spend the day there. I want to walk some of the footpaths there but we will have to see. I'm going to then catch an evening train to York and spend the night there. Then I am going to spend the day wandering around York. Next, I will take the train from York to Newmarket. There is a race going on Saturday so I'm going to go see that. Then I will go to Cambridge to spend the night there. Being in Cambridge, it will be only be a short hop back to London to be there by the 30th.

A little bit of time to see the countryside and hopefully a lot of time on the trains to knit :)

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Bridget said...

I've really been enjoying your posts! My niece goes to school in Edinburgh, and I'm hoping I'll get to visit her sometime before she finishes.

Hope the rest of your travels go well.