Thursday, July 19, 2007

so very tired

Wow, how is it Thursday and I haven't written a post since Monday? Oh, maybe because we've been running all over the place? :) Tuesday was a trip to St. Paul's Cathedral Library, the Women's Library and a visit to a public library. Yesterday was a 'research' day which meant a group of us skivved off and went to Bath for the day. Today the class spent the day in Oxford and went to the Bodelian Library. I'll go into more detail probably tomorrow because that and Saturday are more 'research' days (i.e. me sleeping in and lazing about the entire day and then doing a flurry of activity later). Saturday is going to be devoted to Harry Potter. (Ha, ha! I get it earlier than you do. Sorry, had to be a brat there :)) Then on Sunday, we are on our way to Edinburgh.

The group of us in Bath. Left to right: Megan, Stephanie, me, Angie, Erika, Meagan and Carrie in the back.

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Andi said...

wow, Bath is amazing! I really want to go visit it!

your travels are exciting to read about and look at the pics! now it is my turn to be jealous!

Take care!!