Monday, July 09, 2007

Lace and socks

I worked on the Mystery Stole a lot during the flight over to England and the first couple of days here. I picked up some Misti Alpaca as well as the Cherry Tree Hill to work on another shawl. Can you say addicted?

I got stuck on one part of the second clue on the Misti Alpaca shawl and am going to have to rip back. The Cherry Tree Hill has been trucking right along. I love that yarn. LOVE IT.

The concept of the mystery stole is great. It makes making the shawl so manageable. Everything is broken up into small sections which might only take you a couple of hours to do. The sign-ups for it closed a couple of days ago. 6100+ people have signed up for it.

I have been working on socks during this time. They are the perfect travelling project. Here they are in front of Parliament and Big Ben.

Here they are a couple of days later in front of the Tower Bridge. I got some funny looks for this picture.

This pair is in the last of my bamboo cotton and I love the colors. They are a lime, blue, and pink mix. I should be finished with them in the next day or two.


Lisa L said...

Beautiful job on the Mystery Stole! I'm enjoying this project - and I love the socks - great progress!

Bridget said...

Looks like the socks - and you - are having a good trip!