Thursday, July 05, 2007


I've arrived in London. Whew.

I flew from Columbus to Washington to Heathrow. The plane trip from Columbus to Washington was the crutial one because, if I missed that, I would have to scramble to make the flight out of Washington. Everything went fine, though.

The Washington flight was delayed because of weather conditions and we ended up taking off 1.5 hrs late. That was ok for me because I didn't have any sort of deadline. At one point we were on the runway and the flight tower told the captain that we were going to be delayed for 45 more minutes. Luckily, I had the knitting and could care less :)

I travelled business class on that leg. Really, once you travel business, you are spoilt for life. They provide wine (with real glasses), a real dinner, nice seats, etc. I didn't watch the movies because none of them were interesting and my audiobook, The Grave Tattoo, a story about the Lake District was much more engrossing. I only slept a little while because sleeping on planes is rough.

Oh, another perk about flying business? You get put in a super quick line. We didn't have to wait hours to get our passports checked. Speaking of getting passports checked, I couldn't find the information about my studying here (i.e. the letter that says, yes, I am a student, this is how long I am studying, yes, I have paid, and yes, I will be leaving) when I was at the passport check. I was completely mortified. The lady took pity on me and let me in though I did get a lecture. Next time, I'm just going to say that I am travelling.

I navigated the train from Heathrow, took the Tube to the station nearest my residence hall, and dropped my stuff off at the porter's desk. Now I've been wandering looking for an internet cafe (found it, duh!) and a quick place to grab lunch as well as orientating myself a little in the area.

The weather is in the 60s and a little overcast but looks like it will be a nice day. I'll post pictures later.

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