Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14th

I'm closer and closer to being caught up!!!! W00t.

On Saturday, most people went on a tour of Dover and Canterbury. Because I had been to both of those places and I wanted to see more things in London, I stayed around here. I went with Carrie and her friend from home to the British Museum.

It is amazing with all of our technological advances/changes how similar some tools still look.

Recognize any of those?
Because the British Museum is far too big (and too interesting) to see everything in one day, I concentrated on some of the Ancient Egypt and Roman Britain collections. I love seeing that stuff!
In the afternoon, I separated from Carrie and her friend to go back to Camden to see some of the other markets there. The Camden Lock market had a lot of the same sort of stuff but was still very interesting.

It was my goal to actually make it to one of the many yarn shops in London and I succeeded! The Loop is a cute little store in Inslington. It is very small and so doesn't have a huge selection but I was able to find some sock yarn (of course).
You know you want to pet the yarn.

I love the color and it is more teal-ish than the picture shows.
After my long day of wandering, I crashed in my room for a while. Once everyone else got back from the trip, we hung out in the kitchen for a while, watching TV and chatting until everyone was ready for bed.
I was going to post about my wanderings today (Sunday) but I am starving and still have to run to the Sainsbury's for chicken to make dinner. I also should do laundry. Hmmmm.

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