Saturday, April 28, 2007

yarn and sock p0rn

I am weak . . . Look at what I brought home yesterday!

I was at a library conference in Columbus yesterday and was planning to meet up with E after it finished. Well, that meant I had 2 whole hours to kill. So where did I go? To a Yarn Shop, of course! One of the two Yarn Shop locations is near (ish) where I was so I went there to knit for a while. Well, the sock yarn selection called me over and I found this wonderful stuff.

I've asked the Socknitters, Project Spectrum Flickr group, and Socktoberfest Flickr group members for pattern suggestions. I am thinking something with a fairly simple flower or leaf pattern. I know both groups will have a ton of suggestions! The color of the yarn is perfect for the Project Spectrum colors this month. I just love it.

Look! Pictures of a project finished weeks and weeks ago!

Sexy ;)

And a project I finished yesterday! A baby hat made out of the Kool-aid yarn I dyed months ago.

The colors ended up pooling a little unexpectedly. Who knew it would group itself into dark and light sections?

I hope the new momma and baby enjoy this hat!

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Andi said...

soooo cute! Love the baby hat and I alos like your sexy socks!!!