Monday, April 09, 2007

Snake socks

I got the Gras socks packed up to this morning and stopped by the post office on my way to work. It makes me feel so accomplished! I just hope my friend likes them.

I'm finally getting back to the Naga socks designed by Abigail. I've been a bad test knitter because I started them a while ago but got distracted. I'm almost finshed with the foot and am ready to start the heel soon. I've never done a Sherman Heel before so this is a learning experience for me. I really like the look of the pattern but am having some misgivings that the Kool-aid yarn might not be the right yarn for it. The colors might be too busy for the pattern. Perhaps if I just had a dark purple and neon green (grape and lemon-lime), it would look better. Oh, well. We'll have to see what Abigail thinks.

After I finish the Naga socks, I am going to start on another pair of socks for a friend. This one will be using up the rest of the black yarn from the Södera socks and some white. I think I will make the toes, heels and design on the leg in white with the rest of it in black.

I seem to be on a sock roll recently. It doesn't help whenever I go to a yarn shop, I usually pick up a skein.

I went into Kim's on Friday to show off the Södera socks. She had just got in a test sample of TOFUtsies so I am going to work it up and tell her what I think about it. The colors are beautiful greens and blues. It reminds me of the perfect summer colors! I think I'll make a mini sock out of it. That shouldn't take much time to make.There has been a lot of talk about this yarn on the Yahoo Socknitters list recently.

On Saturday, I ran around Columbus like an idiot running errands from one end of town to another as well as going to a couple of yarn shops. People have raved about the Knitters Mercantile and now I completely understand why. The shop had a great selection and the people were really nice. They had a table in the back for classes and a seating area in the front of the store. I wore my Södera socks because I thought I might visit yarn shops and wanted to show off. One lady noticed them and, from then on, kept telling people about them :) I felt very flattered. I bought a skein of scarlet and grey sock yarn for Dad. We'll see when I get around to that. It was dyed by a woman in Utica, OH which is in my county. They had a lot of her hand-dyed fingering weight yarn as well as Lorna's Laces, Opal and other sock yarns that I didn't actually write the name down (darn it! I even had a small notebook with me!).

I also stopped in Temptations in Dublin. (For some reason I can't find their website right now.) The store was kind of like a maze of yarn in the various rooms of an old house. Nooks and crannies everywhere. They had lots of different yarns but not a ton of sock yarn. They did have some tofu yarn so I picked up a skein of pink.

Yup, am definitely working on the sock yarn stash exceeding my life expectancy.

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