Saturday, April 14, 2007

Feeling guilty again

He is really good at making me feel guilty for riding. Yesterday afternoon, Java was sleeping out in the pasture when I went out to go riding. We didn't do anything too intensive. It was nice to stretch our legs. Today, I didn't ride because the weather was crap. Rainy, cold and possibility of snow (again!).

I'm still working on the Naga socks.
I am going to make the leg 6 pattern repeats which is the same number of repeats as the foot. They are going a little slowly because working on the 0s are hurting my hands/arms so I need to keep taking breaks.

I cast on for another pair of socks yesterday.
Sock knitting machine, that's me. I'm going to use up the Cherry Tree Hill black yarn with this pair. The toes, heels and design on the leg are going to be Cherry Tree Hill white yarn and the rest of the sock is black. These socks are being worked on 1s (they looked lonely without socks on them so obviously I needed to cast on another pair). It is amazing the difference between the size 0s and 1s. My hands/arms don't hurt working with the 1s for hours on end but a little while on the 0s and they hurt like hell.

I made the white toes at The Needling Yarn yesterday and started working on the black during a movie last night. (How to see if someone is worth keeping around: not one disparaging comment about my knitting and a complete understanding that I can't sit still for more than 5 minutes without doing something.) I definitely had to work by feel and not by sight with the black in a dark theatre. The movie was really good. It was a story about the bogus autobiography of Howard Hughes written by Clifford Irving. He completely made up correspondence between him and Hughes. It kind of reminded me of Catch Me If You Can crossed with the book, Dutch, an autobiography about Regean that the author made up sources and people in Regean's life. I like intelligent and yet funny movies.

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