Monday, April 16, 2007

Naga socks

I've finished!

There is something about the backs (and sleeves) of sweaters and the ribbing at the top of socks that seem to take forever to finish. I just kept knitting and knitting but it took eternity to reach 2 inches!

I really liked the pattern on these socks. The scales are fun to watch develop and cables along the leg are just fun. (Of course, to me, cables are crack.) For some reason, I couldn't wrap my head around the pattern until I reached the repeats on the legs. I should emphasize that the pattern on the foot and the pattern on the legs are the SAME. (The only difference is that the stitches are arranged a little differently so that the leg just has a cable running up the side.) Throughout the foot repeats, I had to keep the pattern with me to keep glancing at it to make sure I was doing the pattern right. Didn't need to do that on the leg. Guess it was some sort of weird mental block.

I should have picked another color for the pattern, though. Four colors had too much going on to see the scale patterns. I might have the perfect color for another pair of these. We'll have to see. That yarn might want to become something else.

I'm planning on gifting this pair. I have to show them off today and then they are in the mail!
"Carolyn: oh, like cinderella, i get lucky because i have small feet
Carolyn: except, instead of a prince, i get socks"

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