Monday, April 02, 2007

Almost finished!

I am sooooo close to being finished with the Södera socks. I am currently working the row where the ribbon is run through. The next step is working 1 inch in 2x2 ribbing and then binding off! I've woven in ends as I went or did Russian joins so I won't have much finishing left to do. Definitely not going to be doing a project in all black anytime soon! It is enough to drive you batty and/or blind. I'll post pictures of the finished products tomorrow though I still need to find ribbon.

I would have been done with these sooner but I decided on Friday to rip out 2-2.5 inches because my first set of increases were wonky. True, other people might not have seen their horrible wonkiness but I would and it would ruin the socks for me. I spent almost all of the car ride to and from Cleveland, the waiting time, and during the Yarn Harlot's speech working on the socks. The next sock is going to have to be something mindless that I can whip out in a couple of days.

Tonight, I'm meeting up with some friends from high school most of whom I haven't seen since we graduated 6 (!) years ago. One girl is visiting from Vermont but the other two live in the Columbus area. I guess we are just lazy/ over committed with other activities. It should be a fun evening and definitely outside of the normal scheme of things. I'm house-sitting this week so I would have probably spent my evening zoned out in front of their cable knitting. Instead, I'm tempted to knit at the bar and see what kind of strange looks I would get ;)

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