Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yesterday (you may now start humming the Beatles)

So I was planning on getting things accomplished yesterday like riding the horse, laundry, going to the FP Conservatory, etc. Number of things complete: 1 -- riding the horse. My jeans will soon be able to stand up by themselves.

What I did instead of my original goals was waste time. Large amounts of it. In the morning, I relaxed and lounged. Finished one of the many Terry Pratchett books I have checked out from the library. Finally, got ready to go out around 11 but then Mom and I had brunch. Went out to the barn around 12. Somehow, in the cold weather yesterday, rode for 45 minutes. (I think we were both frozen by the end of it. Java kept looking at me like I was nuts.) Then went to the Soup Loft in town to have something warm for lunch. THEN (and this is where most of the time was wasted) I went to my LYS.

Now, something happens when you go into a LYS. My theory is that time warps. Suddenly, you have spent an hour in there when you only intended 10 minutes. I got there around 2 so I could thaw and spend a little time chatting and working on the shawl. Well, then Kim had to run to an appointment so her dad came in to mind the shop. He doesn't know knitting so I decided to stick around for a little while longer. Isn't it inevitable that, when the owner leaves, things suddenly get crazy?

Two women came in looking to re-start knitting again after a long break so they wanted a pattern, yarn and needles. Luckily, Kim has tons of samples out so they could just point at what they thought looked good. So that was easy. Then two people who are in the "Beginning to Knit" class came in with problems. I sorted them out and they hung out for a while. Then another woman in the same class came in for help with binding off. She had accidentally knitted the stitches twice instead of knitting 2 then slipping the one over the other. So we had to rip it out and start binding off again. Luckily, she picked it up quite easily and was able to finish it before she left (her finished bag was so cute!). She was there for a while, too. Then a couple more people came in just to look around. Then, a person from Ambercrombie and Fitch came in to look for yarn samples and with the example of a swatch Kim is going to be knitting for them. Note: They had told her that they would be there by 1 so she was expecting to be there. They ended up getting there at 3. Luckily, through all of this, one of Kim's assistants who hadn't been able to get there before 3.30 arrived and couple help the A&F girl.

It was definitely an exciting afternoon but not what I expected at all! Never got to the conservatory. When I looked at the clock and realized that it was 10 till 4 (it closed at 5 and would take me 45 min to get there), I gave up on it. Now, I hope to go there on Sunday. We will see if anything else comes up instead. Thankfully, I am not working this Sunday, too. Three in a row would be a little much. Hell, 2 in a row was.

Knitting news . . . I worked on the shawl until it needed to be sent to time out. I was getting a number of extra stitches so will have to solve that problem a little later. I worked on Mom's socks some more. (Can't wait till those are finished!) Currently, I am working on more blanket squares for the library program though those are being crocheted. It is giving me a lot of practice with crocheting.

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