Sunday, January 07, 2007

Florida for a day

knitting at the pool
knitting at the pool,
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I can't even believe I was in Ohio on Friday, Florida on Saturday and on Sunday am back in Ohio. Definitely a whirlwind trip! My parents and i went down to FL to see all of Dad's cousins and for a birthday celebration for Cousin Pat who is 75. As Mom said, it is better to get together for a life event than for a funeral. I am just amazed that she could rip Dad away from home.

I spent the time on the plane knitting and reading. I finished the scarf I started (in Charlotte airport no less). I had no idea that the yarn would pattern up but that is exactly what it did. I knitted it in stockinette stitch before but there was no pattern. When I did it in a brioche stitch, *poof* pattern. It is kind of a spiral pattern of green. In addition, it used up almost all of that kind of yarn! I have a little left that I am planning to make into a hat or a start of a hat.

In other news, I got my KnitPicks needles on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wanted to start using them but didn't want to risk them being taken away on the plane so I decided to hold off until today. Guess what I am going to be doing for the rest of the day :)

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