Tuesday, January 09, 2007

FO fiend

I've finished up another project, the second of two felted bags which were Christmas presents for people. Now they just have to be felted. I know to whom they are being sent so, once everything is dry, off to the post office for them! I just have to decide who gets the Liesel scarf and the brioche stitch scarf. I have enough of the colored yarn from the brioche scarf to start on a hat and finish up with the blue of the Liesel. (I made sure the brioche scarf had a small section of blue at each end just for this reason.) I'll add pictures of the finished project later.

Next project (I have so many going right now) is a pair of Fetching for Carolyn. They will probably be made of the blue Liesel yarn. Can you tell I am really trying to use it up?

We actually had a small snow fall last night! The first in a long time. Unfortunately, it went up into the 40s today so it all melted. :(

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