Friday, January 05, 2007

Blue Liesel Scarf Finished!

Blue Liesel blocked
Blue Liesel blocked,
originally uploaded by bookworm knitting.
The scarf is done and blocked. Thanks to the blocking you can really see the leaf pattern. I made the scarf the length of my "wingspan" but that was a pre-blocking measurement. Turns out blocking made it a little longer (duh)! I really like the pattern though and happy to use up some mystery yarn.

My next project is going to be a scarf made out of the Brioche stitch to use up some different mystery yarn. That yarn has purples, dark pinks, greens and some blues. It is the same kind as the mystery blue yarn. Just wish I had the ball bands. The second scarf shouldn't take long to make especially since I am going to be flying to Florida this afternoon then flying home late Saturday. Nothing like whirlwind trips to visit the relatives! Have to be home for work on Sunday.


Shelley said...

The scarf turned out lovely! I have that pattern on my "to do" list.

Anne said...

Thanks! It really was a great pattern to do. It has a ten row repeat but was easy to memorize. Good luck with your's!