Tuesday, January 16, 2007

FOs and my loathing of weaving ends

I've come to realize how much I dislike weaving in ends. I've had a ton of small projects done (2 hats, a purse (not felted yet), brioche stitch scarf, one pair of socks, one Fetching glove, etc) but never finished finished them because I needed to weave the ends. Well, last night I finally made myself sit down and finish everything that has been hanging around for the past couple of weeks.

It felt really good to have a bunch of completely finished projects. I'm now able to felt the two purses I made and will be able to send them out. I'll post pictures of some of the things later.

OTN: Still trying to finish up the mystery yarn. It is like the yarn that never ends! Two hats and 2 long scarves later there is still plenty of yarn left! I am trying to make a pair of Fetching with them but it kind of results in a bulletproof fabric so that will probably be frogged. The next project for it is another hat with a different stitch. I am thinking of making one that will match the Liesel scarf. Hmmm, we shall see.

Also OTN: A pair of Fetching (boy, am I obsessed!) for Carolyn also using up some stash yarn that I used for the one Forest Canopy Shawl. I don't know what all of this stash-busting is about but I like it. More room for the new stuff! ;)

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