Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ironically, the weather took a couple of months to figure out it is supposed to be winter and now we are having below normal temperatures for this time of year. This morning we had a wind chill of 0 (degrees Fahrenheit). Whew. Little chilly.

It feels like I haven't been knitting too much within the past couple of days until I realized that I have frogged one project (so long orange and blue tie!), started another (baby stuff for my cousin, Emily, using the orange and blue yarn), completed another (mom's socks, finally), finished the baby hat and started another. The second one is for my other cousin, Katy, who is not pregnant (not yet, at least) but who will want a hat when she sees Emily's. Lots of sibling rivalry there. I do love that 3 of my cousins and me all went to schools that had orange and blue for their colours. It makes it easy to make things. Find the perfect yarn and you have something for everyone.

I'll have to figure out something else to make for the baby shower. Maybe some type of blanket as well as some boots out of the same yarn.

Here is a picture of Lily modelling the hat. She is so not thrilled with this.

And a picture of Mom's Christmas socks which I did get finished by the end of January. Oops.

I've started on another pair of socks. This time I am working with my Kool-aid yarn and size 0 needles. Ugh. I love the colours but the needles are the smallest with which I have ever worked. I don't want to do a simple stockinette stitch with them but that is all that I am coming up with for ideas. Blah. I might put that aside for a little while and work with some of the stuff I picked up during the Austria trip.

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eun hye said...

wow~gorgeous!You're a handyman:-)
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i waitin' for your reply. have a nice day:-) CU!