Saturday, March 31, 2007


You might recognize this lady.

Mom and I went up to Lyndhurst, OH (suburb of Cleveland) today to hear her speak and get the new book. It was sooooo much fun and she is a really funny speaker. Look at everyone else who thought so, too.

When Mom and I got to the Joseph-Beth bookstore, almost all of the seats were already occupied. I had Mom grab a copy of the book and purchase it before they ran out. (The store had 90 some copies and those were gone before the talk even began at 2pm. I think the store was slightly surprised no matter what they say.) I ended up sitting on the floor along side the seats where they wanted people to line up for signing after the talk. I sat next to a woman who was working on a Forest Canopy Shawl. She and her friend were very nice and complimented my shawl to no end so they were my new best friends :)

The sock had its picture taken.

Steph gave a funny speech warning knitters of the dangers of CHOKE. She had some really funny comments that made me wish I could write faster or have a great memory. The question and answer section was really funny because it was "off the cuff" and spontaneous.

My seating location ended up being absolutely great because I was 4th or 5th in line for signing.

Here are some other people waiting in line for their books to be signed.

I got my picture taken with the sock and Steph. We both agreed that I was nuts to be making knee highs in black yarn.

The bookstore's cafe area had some special Yarn Harlot drinks. Click on the picture for a closer look.

All in all a very fun day :)

In addition, this morning the chiropractor was able to fit in an appointment for me before leaving for Cleveland. My back suddenly had shooting pains in it on Wednesday while I was sitting at work. It felt like someone was had stuck a dagger in my shoulder blade and was ripping it down slowly. The chiropractor said it was caused by a knot pinching a nerve just like what happens to my dad. (Thanks Dad for passing on those characteristics!) My back popped soooo much when the doctor adjusted it. It was kind of disconcerting. He said to keep an eye on it and regular adjustments should make the pain not come back. In hindsight, sitting in a car all day probably undid all of the good work he had done on it. Hmmm, oh, well. I need to get back into doing yoga more reguarly. It always helps my posture and back strength.

OH! And look what I got in the mail from Andi . . .

New sock yarn from Austria. Yummy Austermann Step :) I seriously think my sock yarn stash has now exceeded my ability to knit it up during my lifetime. ;)

The only downside to the day was not getting an email that I was expecting. Don't you hate when that happens? Me with the overactive imagination is now imagining all of the things which could have happened to prevent that. Some of the situations are more plausible than others but that doesn't seem to stop me. *Sigh*

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