Tuesday, March 13, 2007

6 weird things

This meme has done the rounds of the blogosphere many times over. I've been thinking of it for a while and finally came up with 6 weird things about me. (Note: I am sure there are more but am not aware of them!)

1. Whenever I eat snacks like M&Ms, chips, jelly beans, etc, I have to eat an even number of them. If I grab an uneven number, I will bite the odd one in half so it is even. This applies to colours, too. I like having even numbers of the same colour and will bite the odd ones in half, too. I know this sounds a little OCD.

2. I forget I am holding things and will drop whatever I am holding. I've dropped more cups than I can count which is especially annoying in bars. It also makes picnics or potlucks interesting. When I pick black raspberries in the summer, I have to make sure I don't drop the carton with the berries. All of that work for nothing!

3. I get the colors orange and yellow confused. Now, I am not colorblind. I know the difference between the two. No, when I see the color orange I will say "yellow." I might be thinking "orange" but will say "yellow." This only happens once in a while with yellow but almost always happens with orange.

4. I can't stand the noise from electronics. The noise of computers and TVs (when the sound is off) drives me crazy.

5. Horroscopes are my guilty pleasure. I probably read 4 or 5 a day. (Yeah, I have too much free time at work.)

6. (This last weird thing was really hard because I kept thinking of things and then forgetting them. I know I thought of the perfect one but can I remember what it was? Of course not! So you are going to get this lame one and, if I can remember, it will get changed.) I can't stand messy tables at restaurants. I will basically bus my own table during the meal. You know, stacking all of the finished plates and utensils together. Wiping up condensation from the glasses or any spilled liquid. That kind of thing.

I'm sure no one else can think of any weird things about me! *Snort of laughter*

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