Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dublin Bay socks

Dublin Bay socks
Dublin Bay socks,
originally uploaded by bookworm knitting.
Finished these this morning. I love the purple colour!

I cast them on 3/8 but didn't work on them till this weekend. For some reason, they just seemed to fly off the needles once I seriously started working on them! I used the Dublin Bay lace pattern for them but tweaked it a little. I didn't feel like making a cuff-down sock so turned it into a toe-up instead. It probably made the lace pattern slant a different direction but I am happy how it turned out. The pattern was really easy.

See the little bit of yarn to the right of the socks? Yeah, that is all that I have left. Another reason to do toe-up socks; Koigu doesn't have a whole lot of yarn per skein.

Next up: Sodera :) I can't wait to get started on these lace knee-highs! Mainly, because after I finish them, I will start working on the Clessidra knee-highs.

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Andi said...

note: snobby British spelling of "color". I guess I forgive you ;-) since you will be studying there... soooooo exciting!