Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Summing up pictures!

This is the new car. I'm still trying to figure out a good name for it. I can't even decide if it is a male or female car. My last one was definitely a guy. You can't tell the color really well in the picture. It is a very deep blue/purple that almost looks black.

Next up, Christmas fiber! Here is the various alpaca roving. The dark bags are full of unwashed roving. The light bag needs to have the guard hairs picked out (the guard hairs are what makes it scratchy). The one not in a bag is completely ready to go. I just have to get good enough at spinning to use it!

Next we have the alpaca yarn. I can't wait to do something with these yarns. It will be hard to choose the next project!

This is a picture of my Fun Fur Kitschmas Tree. OK, OK, I started it after Christmas but it will be ready for next year! It is made with bulky yarn and 2 strands of fun fur held together. As it so happens, I had 2 balls of green fun fur and some green bulky hanging around in the stash. It is so nice to be able to use some up. I forgot how much I hate working with fun fur. It goes everywhere and is impossible to see! It is mostly done and just needs to have the bottom crocheted and stuffed. Mom has some very tiny crocheted ornaments that would be the perfect size. I'll sew those on before stuffing it. This tree will probably end up as a Christmas present for someone that doesn't have room for an actual tree. Not sure who that person is yet but I'll have a whole year to find a recipient!

I've suddenly been on a fingerless glove jag. They are like popcorn or potato chips. You can't do just one pair! Must make more! As of right now, I've made 1 pairs of Fetching and am almost finished with 2 pairs of Mermaid fingerless gloves. Next up is probably a pair of Dashing. The best part of this jag? Christmas presents for next year.

And in the midst of knitting, I have been spinning. Does this look familiar?

It should because it is roving from Louet in the Violet colorway. I already spun up 8 oz of it and now have more! Though, now I am thinking that I might do something a little different with this bag. I Navajo plied the other 8 oz but I'm not sure if I want to do that with this 8 oz. No, I am thinking of plying this bunch with some white Louet instead. Hmmm, we'll see.


G. said...

The car is OBVIOUSLY a female- perhaps a tomboyish female, but I'm pretty sure its a girl nontheless. It needs a name like Sami or Taylor or something that is girl/boyey. But I think its a girl.

And what is up with that Christmas tree thing?? Is it stuffed?? what is its deal??

We are getting serious tornadoes. Fun times. My mommy also fed me vodka. weeeeee. I miss you.... I will be back on Saturday- we need to ride soon.

G. said...

Dude that tree picture you sent me makes the tree look huge?! Is it really huge?? And how big is the one you made??