Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spinning my wheels

I filled one bobbin with handspun this morning so I immediately put it on my niddy noddy to skein up and set it. We have a roaring fire downstairs so the yarn was almost entirely dry 30 minutes after I hung it down there.

I'm really happy with this yarn. It feels so nice and the white corriedale was a DREAM to spin up. I had heard people describing spinning up some roving was like butter and now I fully understand. It just flew between my fingers. I still have 4 oz of it to spin up but I don't have any empty bobbins right now other than the one I am plying on.

This skein is 242 yards and I'm hoping to ply up another bobbin tonight. That or get a good start on it.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Is this done on a drop spindle or a wheel?

Anne said...

Definitely on the wheel (I've still stolen Gretchen's). So far my spindle attempts have been a lot like those first skeins we made!