Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Going to the Chapel. . .

This past weekend one of my friends got married in our college chapel back in Gettysburg, PA. I flew into Baltimore on Friday and took the train to where 2 other friends could pick me up after they got off of work. The train station where I got off is not a normal stop so you had to let the conductor know when you first got on. It was a cute little stop but definitely in the middle of nowhere, Maryland.

That night a group of us when out to a Spanish restaurant and played Dutch Blitz (a card game) into the wee hours of the morning. If you've never played Dutch Blitz or Nertz, I'd recommend that you try it as soon as possible! :)

Saturday morning, we went to breakfast and then tossed a frisbee around for a while. Then the morning was gone and we got ready to leave for the wedding.

All in all, a very fun time! Doesn't my friend look beautiful? The pictures of her dress don't do it justice. Everything seemed to go perfectly and the food, drink and music at the reception were great. I really want to find out what kind of champagne was served for the toast. Or maybe it was sparkling wine. My new favourite thing? An entire family who knows dances like the Lawnmower and Shopping Cart.

After the reception, a group of us went to the Pub for a drink. (This picture was obviously taken earlier in the day.)

After that, we went for food at the Lincoln Diner, a place fondly remembered by all. Even though they are limiting you to 45 minutes and 1 refill of coffee. Anywho.

Most everybody stayed in the hotel where the reception was held. So the next morning a group of us when to a local diner (that I definitely should have gone to when I was in school there!) for breakfast. We started splitting up after that, everyone going their different ways.

Three of us went on a short battlefield tour. It is great to take a tour from someone who is so enthusiastic about it and knows SO MUCH about all aspects of the battle and town. I really like learning about what happened between the battle and the current day. For instance, I didn't know that a trolley car used to run through the battlefield. Little facts like that make it really interesting. We "hiked" through some parts of Devil's Den. I use the word "hike" loosely because really we were just walking around. This is a picture of Devil's Den from Little Round Top.


Lisa L said...

What fun! Looks like it was a lovely wedding! And it was fun to see pictures of Gettysburg. My husband is a big Civil War buff and we stopped in Gettysburg about 4 years ago for an overnight stay. We had a wonderful time touring the battlefield and staying in town. It made a big impact on my daughter who was 10 at the time. She still talks about the trip. We're planning to go back at some point!

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