Monday, May 28, 2007

Return of the Peacock

Guess what I picked up again this weekend?

This Peacock Feathers shawl has definitely become a long-term project. I put it down for a while, pick it back up, work on it for a little bit, then put it back into the WIP basket. Right now, I think I've reached the stage of putting it down again. For some reason this row's stitches are not working right no matter how many times I unknit the row. I might be forced to rip back to the lifeline which is down a couple of rows but I really don't want to do that. I'm on the 5th chart so that makes me very happy.

In order to have a mindless project, I cast on for another baby hat using the remnants of the darker skein of kool-aid dyed yarn. Because I divided the skein into 2 even balls for socks, I've now used up the one ball's remnants (does this make sense?) and now need to find the other remnants so I can finish the hat. One of my other cousins just let the family know that she is pregnant so I can see making more baby stuff down the road. Did you see pepperknit's onesies project? So cute!

My second mindless project is a pair of ribbed socks from the lighter skein of kool-aid yarn. They're being knit up on size US 0s so I'm expecting them to take a while.

I've decided that I shouldn't be allowed to have a credit card anywhere near an on-line knitting store. Knitpicks also shouldn't have such wonderful needles/yarn. I broke down and bought a bunch of their new needle sizes and some of their old ones(2.25 mm, 2.75 mm, 3.00 mm, etc). I finally bought some US 2s and 3s. Had a set of Addi US 2s but love the Knitpicks needles more. The cable is so flexible and the tips so sharp! I also bought a neat bag that I have been drooling over, some more Options cable lengths, and some yarn to dye. I want to play with some different colors so you can look forward to more dyeing pictures. :)

I was working on the Pomatomus socks but they have been put in time-out for a little while. I decided to be creative (always a bad idea) with the heel so the pooling would continue. Well, that didn't work out so well so I will have to rethink my idea.

And here is a horse picture for you from yesterday.

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