Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daffodil socks

Daffodil socks
Daffodil socks,
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Remember how I talked about lace charts and posted the picture of the daffodil socks' chart? Well, for some reason I thought the pattern would look better being the other way around than the way it is in this picture. So I spent almost all of Sunday afternoon (after taking mom out of course!) trying to convert it so the leaves were going down instead of up. Yeah, shouldn't have tried to do that.

My brain couldn't translate the one chart to one upside-down and no matter how many times I started knitting it, the pattern just wasn't working out. So I gave up and returned to the original lace chart. Lo and behold, it worked perfectly! Geez, an entire afternoon wasted.

The lace is going very quickly and I like the way the leaves are turning out. I didn't want something so over the top that the yarn's colors wouldn't show to their full advantage.

I did the Wendy Johnson short row toe and a short row heel like the one on the Anastasia socks. I think I am in love with short rows!

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