Friday, May 18, 2007


Guess what I finished?

Here's the revised chart . . .

. . . which results in this!

Slightly artsy shot.

More pretty sock! (Can you tell I am happy with them?)

Another slightly artsy shot including the kitty!

I really liked "designing" this pair. It was nice to be able to just knit my standard plain vanilla socks and then tweak with them to include the lace on the leg. Converting the lace instructions to a chart was a lot of fun. The pattern ended up being almost exactly what I was thinking of when I first saw the yarn. And the yellow fits with the Project Spectrum colors!
**Guess what, I didn't actually have to do all of that work to convert the written instructions to a chart. It is the Dayflower lace pattern by Barbara Walker and there are charts of it out there all over the place. D'oh! :)**

I'm going back to the Anastasia socks today. I posted a picture of them a little while ago but then stopped working on them. I messed the pattern up somehow (easiest pattern ever and I mess it up!). It is a toe-up pattern and I worked the feet of the socks at the same time but didn't do that with the legs because of the way the pattern wrapped around the legs.
Because the one sock is finished for all but the top ribbing, it shouldn't take me too long to complete this pair. The other sock is about 2 inches away from being ready to start the ribbing. I figured I would do the ribbing for both of them at the same time. Really I'm just hoping to finish them before the end of this month's Project Spectrum's colors.