Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wow, it's been a while

It feels like I have been doing a lot but not much seems to have gotten done. I finished two pairs of socks, both of which are Christmas presents. I really like the way the one pair turned out. I have a good amount of yarn left and I might make some ankle socks for myself. The other pair isn't as great but they will do. Socktoberfest is well on its way.

I have also discovered mini socks. I heart the mini sock. The idea came from the Socknitters yahoo group. I've made a two now and given one of them away. I think I might make some decorations of them. Possibly a Christmas tree decoration? Hmm, I will have to think about that.

The next project is to learn how to knit two socks in one. So far it is pretty easy. The most difficult part is the casting on. I bet once I get to the heel, I will have a different opinion.

I've started keeping track of the books I have read. Of course, I only started keeping track midway through the month of September. Eh, I'll have to keep better track. I've been counting the books on tape and CD that I listen to while in the car. Audiobooks are also lovely to listen to while knitting or cleaning your room.

The cat is adorable as usual. She puts up with so much from us, all of the adoring and praising! Poor kitty.

School is school. I can't believe it is almost time for the online class to be over! The end of this month it will be finished! I still have two papers to write, one for the online class and the other for the online workshop. I should be working on the workshop one because it is due on the 13th but am writing this post instead. Procrastination is a wonderful thing!

My friend, Carol, has been trying to sell her horse for a long time now. Bud is a nice horse but not the horse for her. His personality is a lot stronger than Carol's so they've never clicked. She called me yesterday and told me that Pam, the owner of the riding stable where Bud is kept, is going to be taking 4 horses to the high school riding team's show in two weekends. The problem is that Pam sold her trailer on eBay a few months ago. She has one two-horse trailer to use and would like to use our's. If I can get the weekend off, I think I will drive it up and take more pictures of Bud in action and some more video.
Eh, I think that is it for now. Off to procrastinate!

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