Sunday, October 22, 2006

Second round of papers

I have this really big paper due on the 30th but what did I do yesterday? Knit. And listen to a few audio books. That is it. Nothing else. The computer didn't even get turned on. I didn't read any articles for the paper. Also didn't read any articles for the other class and other assignments. Oh, well.

On Friday, I cast on for another pair of socks. I didn't like the way they started out. When I took out the waste yarn that you use for an invisible cast-on, there were large holes. I am going to frog it and start with a new cast-on. Might be the time to try a Turkish cast-on.

What I was knitting yesterday was a felted purse. I'm doing it for the Lonesome Skein Knit-a-long. You are supposed to be using up the orphan skeins in your stash. Is it bad that I just keep adding to the stash for this KAL? I think it probably is. Today, all that I have left to do on the bag is bind off the handle and felt it. Talk about a quick project. The one I have done right now is just a testing of the pattern and seeing if I like the finished result. I'm thinking about making one as a thank you gift.

I also got the idea on Friday to make some knitted jewelry. I picked up some beading wire and beads and started right in on Friday night. Once I got used to working with the wire and beads, it went really fast. I knitted 2 bracelets and crocheted one necklace. I happened to meet Joann of the downtown bookstore while making my purchases and told her of my plan. She said that I should think of selling some in her shop! Never expected that. I left one of the completed bracelets down at the store yesterday for her. The woman running the store at the time said she really liked the finished product. I will have to decide if this is something that I could feasibly do. Interesting challenge anyway.

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