Thursday, October 04, 2007

Guess what!

Guess what time of year it is!

Yea!!! Ironically, though, I haven't been knitting that many socks right now. My goal for Socktoberfest is to work my way through Cat Bordhi's book and actually finish a pair (or two) of socks for Dad. He is 6'4" so making socks for him is a little daunting.

Guess what I did yesterday during lunch and break.

A horsie finger puppet! Black is such a hard color to photograph so sorry for taking such a bad picture. I have to make a lot more of these so they can race. I had never done any crocheting other than making flat squares but was determined to make this work. Guess you need the right incentive :)

I finished the sleeves of the Brennan Cardigan last night and went back to working on the back. The cardigan, however, is not a project that I can work on in class. (The needles make too much noise.) So I picked this shawl up again.

The border is trucking along. Why is this one so much easier to do than the one on the beaded shawl?

Inspired by everyone else's sewing projects in the blog world, I made this shopping bag a few weeks ago before I fell off the horse. Hehe, cow.

Look at the inside! Is it just me or does it look like a cow field? Highly amusing.

I cut out material for 5 other bags but just need to sit down sometime and finish them. Not all of them are the same material.

And finally, look what I saw the other night. Does this amuse anyone else as much as it does me?

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sulafaye said...

That is a lot of cuteness! Love the horse puppet, maybe it can double for therapy sessions so the tossing horse can work through his issues? ;)