Saturday, September 01, 2007


Why is it that you can write so much more easily for a short paper but it is like sweating blood when you try to write a long paper? I finally got my short paper for my England class done. There just wasn't a feeling of "Ahhhhhh! This paper is due tomorrow!!!! Must write!" even though the paper was due tomorrow (well, it is due today but you know what I mean). I found it a little difficult not to write little asides in the paper. They probably wouldn't be appreciated in a scholarly work. I'm just glad it is over and now I have to concentrate on the long paper. Fun-ness.


Anonymous said...

I'm the same way about papers. I still dream I have a paper due and it's like a panic situation, and I haven't taken a graded class since the Spring of 1995!
Will you be at the first Friday knittinbg jamboree & potluck? I hope to be. I can knit 40-50 stitches at a time now without too much stress (it was 3 or 4 last week) so I'm improving--though technically I'm not supposed to be using my left hand at all. I think itr'll prove to be good physical therapy.

Anonymous said...

I just realized I shouldn't type while on pain meds. I've left typos everywhere I've been this evening!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Friday. I plan on bringing something made with cherry tomatoes--we have a blue million. Maybe just a bowl of them! Amy B. does live in Granville somewhere. Some of her fabrics are at Green Velvet, and Patchwork Dreams by East of Chicago Pizza at the Church St. exit also has some of her fabrics. They also have lots of other pretty stuff.