Saturday, September 22, 2007


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So yesterday, I hit dirt HARD. I was mounting Capone and, before I was settled, he decided to take off bucking. It would have been alright if I had been fully in the saddle but being only half mounted I had no chance. Definitely one of those times when you can see everything happening in slow motion. You know that you are going to fall but can't do anything to stop it. I ended up hitting the driveway (thanks horse) even there was so much grass around. The driveway isn't asphalt but limestone. Not sure if that is any better.

Now usually, I always hit my right side when I fall off. Even if I fall off the left side of the horse, I somehow twist around and hit my right side. This time, however, the streak was broken. I landed quite squarely on my butt. Didn't pass out this time but couldn't really get up and catch the horse for a little bit because my breath was knocked out of me and the world kept going blurry. Once I finally staggered up, I had to walk down the entire driveway to catch the pony (took a break in the middle to sit/hang over the bank jump because my vision got blurry again). The other horses had wandered to the front of the front pasture and had been calling Capone so he went to visit.

After catching Capone, I walked him back to the mounting block, got on, rode one time around the arena, and promptly got off. Very promptly. If you aren't a horse person, getting back on might have seemed a little crazy but it really was necessary. He was such a good boy then. No acting up at all. He even seemed a little contrite but that might of been him wanting to get fed. :)

Yesterday morning, I was the height of efficiency and it was a little scary. I had to take the car into town to be inspected so Dad can use it to respond to emergency runs. They have been fixing a bridge on a road that serves the entire north side of the township. Repairs started in the middle of July and have been going on ever since. Because I have to take back ways into town, the barn, and work, it adds 10 minutes to even the simplest trips. Anywho, I decided not to go back home after getting the car inspected. Instead, I did something radical. I went to the library. Shocking, I know. Even more shocking, I got my assignment for class which is due in 2 weeks completely finished. This is simply astonishing. Usually, I am working on it at the very last minute barely getting it finished before turning the assignment in. It probably helped that this assignment was so much fun. We had 20 questions that we had to answer using an almanac. Have you ever looked through an almanac? They are wonderful things. I love all of the random information you can find in them. For instance, do you know how many quarts are in a Nebuchadnezzar?* Or even what a Nebuchadnezzar is?**

Later, I went to the yarn shop and hung out for a while. Right as I was starting to think of leaving, it got really, really busy. There were people just looking around, searching for yarn, and wanting help with their knitting disasters. I helped a couple of people with their socks from Cat Bordhi's new book, helped another woman with the sleeve of a fair isle sweater, and rang up other people. It is funny how quiet it can be one minute and so crazy the next.

I have also been doing a little bit of knitting this week. Mainly, I've been sewing Christmas presents because I don't think everyone is going to get knitted presents. I can't wait to share the pictures of the stuff I have been making but that will have to wait until January. :( Back to knitting! The ribbing of the toe-up Monkeys has started so they should be finished soon. I have also gotten a few more inches finished on the beaded shawl. That thing is taking forever to finish! I really can't wait until Mom brings my camera back so I can take pictures of this stuff!

* There are 20 quarts in a Nebuchadnezzar.
** A Nebuchadnezzar is a unit of measure for champagne. I love library school.

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Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble gewtting away from the butt...names myself, which was one inspiration for the contest! I can't make it to the festival, but I know Pannay and Linda, who are going--they're friends from preschool/library story time type stuff. I hope you have a great time! I'll be at a wedding. Pleh. It's someone who works with Andrew and I don't even know well.