Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monogamy sucks

I've been staying loyal (mostly) to the beaded shawl I have been working on for the past month and a half. I'm really bad about finishing projects. Starting them is easy but finishing is very hard. So I decided to force myself to finish up some projects and not start new ones until the WIP numbers went down.

This self-imposed limit on the number of WIPs is getting REALLY hard to follow and really boring. I like the project still (though the shawl was getting a little old when I reached 700 some stitches) but I keep looking at different patterns and my fingers itch for new yarn to play with. Fickle girl that I am.

The toe-up Monkey socks were one of my "finish all of my WIPs" lapses. I started them when I couldn't look at the beaded shawl any more. They are now 1 lace repeat from the top ribbing and should be easily finished. I just have to sit down and actually work on them. They went with me to the wedding this past weekend but I didn't get much done. A lace pattern is too hard to work on in a dark car or while imbibing. Also, when you are writing a paper in the car on the drive to PA, it is hard to get any knitting done. On the way home, I worked on the shawl instead of the socks. That helped me get all of the charts done with it and now I am working on the border.

Blah, must finish shawl. So close to being done. So close!


Mary Lou said...

Hi just wandered over here from Ravelry because I spotted your profile pic - i always love to find another horse crazy knitter!

Anne said...

Two hobbies that take up lots of time! :) What is your name on Ravelry?