Thursday, September 27, 2007


Two new horses just came to the barn. They arrived last night after 2 straight days of driving. The first one is Callie and she is gorgeous!

The second is Beau. He is much shorter than Callie but apparently he thinks she is his mare.

It is kind of bittersweet having these two new guys. Two of the other horses, Sam and Lace, are going to be put down sometime soon. Sam has horrible feet and they have been getting worse these last couple of months. Now he has something going wrong in his front legs and his back ones, too. He also has a tumor in his nose that periodically grows until he can't breathe out of one nostril, then it bursts, and the whole process starts again. Lace has arthritis all down her neck and she has really lost mobility over the years. She also had a bad bought of EPM, a neurological disease that affects the horse's ability to send signals from their brain to their limbs, a couple of years ago. Also, being a gray horse, she has lots of melanomas and other weird growths. Wow, this makes them both sound absolutely ugly and deformed. They aren't really. Lace used to be one of the prettiest horses and would just float along. I can't tell you how beautiful it was. Sam was really athletic and would race across the fields ahead of everyone. Now, this isn't the case with either of them. I will miss them but it is time.

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