Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah!

So I realized that the only time I post things is when I am at work. Hmmm. . . Anyway, thought I would write something from home.

Don't you hate that depression you feel after finishing a book? It is kind of an empty feel, like you have lost a friend. Or it could just be that I have been reading too many sappy chick lit/romance books when I am not in a relationship. Oh, this drivel is making me really depressed. Luckily no one reads this ;)

Have I mentioned that I own one horse, am owned by one cat and am aunt to two dogs? No? Picture time!
This lovely creature is Java, the horse. As you can tell by his expression, he is wildly thrilled to be ridden and can barely control his excitement. Sometimes he can act scared of the strangest things. This morning, for instance, he jumped a tiny (less than 18 inches) jump which we have jumped hundreds of times like it was 4 feet! I could tell the second before we took off that the landing was going to hurt. Nothing like a good bone-jarring to wake you up in the morning. :)

I think that is enough rambling for the evening/day. On to the next day. . . .

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