Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And I shall call you "Cologne Boy."

I love how some patrons lend themselves to nicknames. Some nicknames are memory triggers like "Cookies lady" for the woman who loves making cookies and gives them to everyone. Or "Newspaper Man" for the kind gentleman who comes in almost everyday to read the paper, check his e-mail and pass the time of day.

Other nicknames are not so nice. "That fox purse lady" for the woman who is sooooo proud of the bright purple and white fox purse (oh, wouldn't you LOVE to see that one?) and wants you to compliment her on it. Or the newly created one for "Cologne Boy," a man who thinks, if a little cologne is good, bathing in it would be even better. Ugh. The entire place stinks for hours after he has left. Air freshener, here I come.

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