Tuesday, March 02, 2010

red berries

I got this roving at SOAR 09.  It reminded me of a bunch of berries, so bright and cheerful.  It is also completely outside of my color norm!  Normally I'm drawn to blues, greens, and purples but this red caught my attention in the whole wall of color.

After spinning all of the yarn for my Tangled Yoke Cardigan, I wanted to spin something with lots of color.  This roving definitely fit the bill.  I also wanted to spin up a 3-ply fingering weight yarn.  I divided the 6 oz of roving into three 2 oz amounts.  Before the Olympics started, I spun up approximately 4-4.5 oz and had started on the third 2 oz bump.  Knitting my Tangled Yoke Cardigan took priority but I still tried to spin for a little while a couple of times a week.  I finished spinning the last of the 6 oz on Saturday and let all of the singles rest. 

On Sunday, after the closing ceremonies, I started plying.  Yesterday, I was leading a book group so I went into work for the evening shift.  That meant all morning I was reading the book and plying.  After work last night, I finished plying, set the yarn and hung it up to dry in front of the woodburning stove. 

Details: 488 yards, 100% wool (of course I didn't write the breed down)
3-ply yarn spun using a worsted technique. 
Started spinning mid-January, finished 3/1/10.


Adelaide said...

That is a beautiful color.

Janelle said...

Lovely! What ratio did you use? And did you use your usual worsted style? I think I need a smaller whorl to get to fingering, esp. if I ever hope to make 3-ply fingering. I also think I need to learn woolen so that the yarn will be lighter and bouncier, not harsh and stringy. Advice?