Friday, May 23, 2008

Where does time go?

I can't believe it was the 12th when I last posted. Between then and now, I've a) cast on for a new pair of socks, b) put the socks aside because I fell in love with another lace shawl, c) blocked a different shawl which I haven't posted about here because it is a surprise, d) had tons of people stay in the house over the weekend, e) cast on for that new shawl, and f) rode the horse a bunch (he's thrilled about that one). Here is some pictures of the new shawl.

The pattern is called Queen Anne's Lace (ravelry link) and is by MMario. Now, I absolutely love the flower, Queen Anne's Lace (my horse loves it too but I think that is because the plant is a cousin of the wild carrot). The delicateness of the flower is so pretty and I like the legend of it. There is a red flower in the center of all of the white flowers and, supposedly, that red flower is a droplet of blood from when Queen Anne pricked her finger while making the lace.

This is the first circular shawl that I have made. Other than the fiddly-ness of the center and making sure that I didn't twist those stitches, I'm enjoying it. This pattern sometimes has things happening on both even and odd rows. Because it is in the round, you don't have to purl at all. It's definitely a different type of shawl for me and I'm definitely going to have to do more of this designer's patterns. Someday I'll get back to those socks. . . .

When I was taking pictures outside, Lily tried "helping" again. There is something about knitting that she really loves and, of course, she loves being in the way. She prefers any blankets made out of yarn (though polar fleece does have a strong appeal for her) to those made out of cloth. The little cat will also spend hours curled up on a shawl or, while I was organizing my stash, on top of skeins of yarn. She found that she REALLY liked alpaca yarn. I would come into the room and find her with each paw on a separate ball of alpaca, kneading it and looking very zoned out.

In closing, the Dame's Rocket are coming out! I love this time of year because the hedgerow and the woods behind the house are filled with it.

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