Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yes, there has been knitting

This is the bag that I got at Covent Garden Market. I have to state again my love of it. I love the pressed flowers and their colors really makes the design "pop." I've been using it as a knitting bag for my mystery stole.

Speaking of the mystery stole. . . . I used the week between arriving back in the States and going back to work as knitting time. I frogged the Cherry Tree Hill stole because I had made a number of mistakes on it and couldn't leave them. After frogging, the stole just flew along. I was able to get at least 1 chart finished per day. This Friday is the last clue so I wanted to be ready for it. I started on the 6th clue yesterday so will definitely be ready for Friday.

I can't wait to block it! I might make the black Alpaca stole a symmetrical stole. I followed the instructions for the grey Cherry Tree Hill stole and am curious how the finished asymmetrical stole will look.

Oh! I forgot to say that I got more fun shoes in England. Clarks is a wonderful, wonderful English shoe store. We do have Clarks shoes in America but, in the stores there, they have much more selection. These shoes are perfect for work because they are closed toe but have nice heels.

I've been riding up a storm as well as knitting up one. Java was "thrilled" to see me. I think he had thought I had disappeared for a while. He never gives up hope, that one. I'm also starting to ride a family friend's horse. She is the funniest old mare. Brandy has to be 25-30 but she is still such a spunky girl. The owner recently had hip surgery so she doesn't want to be riding a horse that will be acting up. I'm hoping the mare will calm down with regular work. Last night, the only time that she acted up was where the owner and her husband could see it. Horses!


Anonymous said...

The stole is looking good! I'm going to have to remember to sign up next go-round.
Thanks for the offer of zucchini! I've got bunches and bunches frozen, so I'm actually OK with tearing out the plants.

Andi said...

loooooove the new shoes and the bag!