Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I feel like an idiot

So I forgot that I had my PayPal account tied to a hotmail account which I don't check frequently. This makes it a little difficult when people try to contact you via your PayPal information and you don't check that email more than once a month. I found out a couple of days ago that I won a book, The Knitters Journal, in Claudia's MS Ride Raffle at the end of June. That is almost 2 months ago! I feel so silly! I contacted Claudia and Julie (the woman who generously donated it) and luckily the book is still available. So now I am looking forward to that in the mail. Thanks, Claudia and Julie!

I promised myself that I wouldn't dive into Cat Bordhi's new book until I got a couple of projects off of the needles. That resolve is getting harder and harder. The book is amazing. She takes sock knitting and completely turns it on its ear. Completely. Amazing. Kim is going to be having a sock club every 2nd and 4th Friday from 3 pm until closing because of this book. Four hours of socks! *sigh*

How about the projects I am working on? Well, I'm on the last 2 rows of the mystery stole. Other people's pictures of the finished stole are just amazing. I wasn't sure what I thought of the wing or an asymmetrical stole before but now that I've seen the pictures, I love it. They really look nice. I guess that is the beauty of lace; something you think looks strange pre-blocking is suddenly the most beautiful thing you've ever seen once it is blocked. Anyway, I've sworn to get this stole finished before moving on to the next project.

The other project was a simple pair of footies from remnants of my TOFUtsies yarn that has been hanging around since my Anastasia socks. Those took no time at all to finish. I think I was just trying to get my projects list on Ravelry to be longer.

Now I am working on another beaded lace shawl. I think there is something addictive about lace and beads. Lace on its own is a dangerous substance but combine it with beads and stand back! :)

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to try the beading. Looks fun. Too funny asbuot the turkey. We once had a vulture in the garage, and today we found a huge caterpillar on the screened porch, but there's nothing like a turkey to start the day right! I have the sock book too, and am looking forward to getting started...when my arm works!