Monday, August 27, 2007

Temptation . . .

Have you ever worked on a project that you absolutely love but suddenly, midway through it, you start feeling a little distracted like you want to start something else? I love the shawl that I am working on because it's pattern is simple and yet lovely. It also has beads and the yarn color is so subtle. I'm probably 40% finished with the pattern and still trucking along but suddenly I want to start so many different projects. Ravelry is also not helping matters any. I took pictures of most of my stash and wrote down most of my WIPs. You can also add projects you want to do into your queue. Seeing all of that fun yarn again and looking at everything I have to finish just makes me want to start something new!

In other news, I've recently rediscovered podcasts. I know, I know, behind the times. I used to listen to one (on a non-knitting subject!) but then got bored with it so I unsubscribed. Last week, there was a discussion on Ravelry (can you tell I am addicted?) about favourite podcasts and I decided to take another look (or would that be listen?) to them. They can be so educational! I've really been learning a lot from the various shows. It's also helped me catch up on my Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! episodes because I never seem to have it together enough to listen to the show on Saturdays when it is on the radio. The podcasts I'm listening to are:
  • Lime and Violet
  • Stash n' Burn
  • Socks in the City
  • Knit Picks' Podcast
  • Cast On
  • Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
Any other suggestions?


Lisa L said...

How about "Lixie Knits It", "She-Knits" and "Knit Science"? And then there's "SSK" and "Sticks and String"!

Anne said...

I'm going to have to check those out