Thursday, August 02, 2007

It never ceases to amaze me. . .

. . . what you might see out the dorm room window. Now this statement could sometimes make for a very interesting/scary story. Today, however, it is not a complaint/rant about the annoying undergrads. No, it is a story about a little street in Waterloo and Guy Ritchie. (Well, it is not much of a story because I didn't actually look out the window.) But apparently they were filming for his next movie in the street behind the Stamford St. Apartments. (Why in the world they would choose that street, I don't know.) Stephanie and her husband, Wes, got a picture of him. None of the rest of us paid any attention just assuming that they were doing something weird behind the dorms again. Let this be a lesson to you, always look.

Back to writing school blogs and I will update this blog later. I've been here 2 hours and only gotten 2 posts done. Grrrrr.

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