Monday, February 04, 2008

A gray day

I've been working on a lot of gray lace recently. So it seems to be appropriate to show you pictures of it on such a gray day.

Here is the Majestic Mountains stole lounging by the window with Lily. She loves sitting on the back of the sofa while peering out at the birds and squirrels.

Here it is in blob form right before blocking.

And behold! The power of blocking! It actually looks like something!

I blocked the stole out this morning before I left for work. I can't wait to take it off of the blocking wires and weave in the ends! If I had blocked it yesterday, the entire stole would have taken me exactly 3 weeks to make. As it is, 3 weeks and one day isn't bad at all.

I still had copious amounts of yarn left after finishing this stole up. You would have thought 2 stoles would have put a larger dent in the amount but it hasn't! I'm going to have more than enough for another Shoulder Shawl in Syrian Pattern from Victorian Lace Today.

I weighed the other one that I did and, if it takes the same amount of lace, the neverending yarn ball will still be over an ounce! This might call for making the shawl bigger. Then I might even have to make a scarf. I'm going to use up the gunmetal beads from the Mystery Stole on the border. I should have enough left to give it a little bit of sparkle.

I'm calling this my EMU shawl because I'm making it for the Employee Morale Unit silent auction at work. This might seem all generous and everything but it is really just because I don't think that many gray shawls/stoles are needed in one household!

Speaking of work, I started a new job on the 28th. We did all sorts of training last week. Today was the first official debut of the customer service desk. Things were a little interesting. Our department is a new creation and took over the existing desk and some of the existing duties of another department. Let's just say that they organized things a little differently before. We're going to have a lot of reorganizing to do so that it makes sense to everyone in the new department. I'm really, really happy about the new job!


Ruby said...

Congratulations on the new job!

The stole is beautiful.

Lisa L said...

Beautful, beautiful, beautiful! I just love the magic of lace!!