Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Paper? What paper?

Once again I find myself needing to write a final paper for a class. So am I studiously reading literature on my chosen subject? Dutifully typing a rough draft? Mulling over my future words of wisdom? Ha! Yeah, right. I'm being distracted by the internet and Ravelry, instead.

The subject is a fascinating one and has so much information out there about it. See, the paper is supposed to be a "library trends" paper, discussing a trend that is changing the library world. I'm writing about the library catalog and how they should evolve using Web 2.0 tools. Those of you who remember my little catalog rant will understand why I am interested in this subject. I cannot, however, bring myself to concentrate on anything at the moment and really don't want to be reading any professional literature of any sort. Problem is that this paper is due on Thursday so I really can't put it off for much longer. Stupid school. Messing with my knitting time.

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